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A Few Of Our Favorite Ulta Cosmetics Finds

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I am fortunate enough to have an Ulta Beauty store within walking distance of my apartment (although my wallet may not find it so fortunate… oh, well). That means that any time I find myself strolling around town with nothing to do, I inevitably end up at Ulta, and always end up leaving with at least one new product I just HAVE to try.

If you do not happen to have that same luxury, and have to plan your trips to the beauty supply, then you are in luck!  I have rounded up some of my favorite Ulta finds to share with you, so you can be sure to pick up some go-to products next time you find yourself browsing.  

No Mo- Stache Portable Facial Hair Kits

Whether I need to maintain my bikini wax on vacation, or just need to perfect my (upper) pout before a meeting, the No Mo-Stache kits never fail me, and each kit is compact enough to throw in my tiniest clutch!  

When I first discovered these, they were a gift for my mom who was always making a mess with hot, microwave waxes for her upper lip.  I picked up a pack for her to help with the mess and hassle of other waxes she has used, and we have been obsessing with all of the products ever since!


I have been in search of the perfect sunscreen for years, and have tried about every brand out there!  I picked up a bottle of CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF during one of my Ulta outings, and have replaced all of my other spf products since.  

CoTZ is a mineral sunscreen that goes on smooth, and translucent- because who really wants that white haze on your face all day that some sunscreens leave behind.  It is dermatologist tested, chemical free, and does not break out my somewhat sensitive skin. As an added bonus, you can feel good about wearing it in the ocean as well, since it does not have any of the chemicals dangerous to reefs.

Spornette Brushes

My hair is very unpredictable, and not always manageable.  Because of that, I have a slight obsession with finding the perfect hair brush for me, and to be real I have become somewhat of a brush hoarder in the process.  

While going through a surprise static spell recently, I picked up the Spornette Ion Fusion Paddle Brush, and am happy to say, that I threw out ALL OTHER BRUSHES.  Since then though, I have managed to buy a variety of their brushes- from everyday use paddle, to round blow dry brushes, and have not been disappointed with the brand for any of them.  They have definitely added a little predictability for my unruly mane.

Kitsch Hair Ties

As mentioned above, my hair is a force to be reckoned with, so on top of the ridiculou amount of brushes and hair products I have- I also have an entire drawer dedicated to clips, ties, scrunchy’s, headbands and scarves!

I usually end up with at least one new hair accessory during my many Ulta outings, but the brand I keep going back to for more is Kitsch.  They always have soft material, which is important to not tear your hair, and they have so many varieties that it is easy to stay cute and on trend with all the product they have to offer.

So that is the list of my most recent favorite finds at Ulta.  If you have any products or brands that you drive miles to your nearest Ulta to grab, let me know in the comments below!   

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