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Best Brow Forward: Whats Your Brow Shape?

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Put Your Best Brow Forward: What is your brow style?

Unibrow, arched brow, penciled brow, it is one of the first things people notice about you! A perfect frame for your face. Eyebrow are a prominent feature on your face, and while fuller brows have been trending for some time now, not everyone is blessed with a full, voluptuous set to be groomed to one's liking.

Years of waxing the perfect arch have left my brows a little  on the sparse side, and have left me longing for the bushy set of my youth. I started investing in every powder, pencil, and pomade to try to fake it.  

Though I stopped waxing years ago in hopes for a fuller set, one thing remained the same: I still don’t want  a unibrow! SO, I have been painstakingly tweezing away at that middle brow (I hate tweezing), because I didn’t want to spend the money just for a mid-brow wax.  

While I thought I was pretty thorough with my tweezing skills, a few months ago I caught a glimpse in my rearview mirror, and was horrified to see so many little hairs left behind.  Was I the unibrow girl? Were people too embarrassed to tell me that there was a hair monster growing in the middle of my face? Ok, I am being dramatic, but I felt that my polished self image was shattered in the glance of a mirror.  I never realized before how much my monthly wax actually did, so I decided to attempt a mid-brow wax at home. After a few messy (and devastating) attempts, I stumbled upon No Mo- Unibrow, and finally discovered a mess free, easy way to to take care of that monster in the middle.  Always make sure to use SPF while your waxing! 

How Many Times Do I Apply SPF Daily?

So let's look at some eyebrow styles, and make sure you find your best brow version:

Penciled Brows:

Long gone are the days that a penciled in brow meant that you looked like part of your face was cartoonishly drawn in. For sparse brows, finding the perfect brow pencil can fill your brows in just the right way for a natural and easy look. It is easy to get a well defined, structured brow look with the use of pencils.   Use a light touch, with soft strokes instead of a hard line for a perfectly filled front.

Powdered Brows:

If you are new to filling your brows in, and worried about looking too harsh, then a brow powder may be for you.  You will use a fine brow brush to apply the powder, which makes it easy to control and apply the powder. A brow powder also provides a natural looking finish that is great for transitioning into the world of polished brows.  

Gels/ Pomades

Warning! Not for the faint of heart! If you are looking for a super sculpted, polished, full brow getting a good gel formula may be the right pick for you.  This is the choice for those of you with exceptional skills with the brush, or those who are really looking to experiment with a dramatic brow look.

Polish off any of these looks with with either a clear gel or tinted brow mascara to hold everything in place, and leave an extra layer of polish all around.  These brands offer a variety of brow grooming options, which leaves it easy to choose the right fit for you:

Benefit Cosmetics: I personally love the Goof Proof Brow Pencil (full line available at Ulta)

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Known for their brow perfecting products- I love the Dipbrow Pomade (also available at Ulta)

Glossier: Boy Brow- My go-to for lazy days, or just to add a little extra (available at glossier.com)

No matter your brow style, playing around with different formulas will help you find the perfect look you are searching for.  And remember! Nothing can ruin a perfectly polished brow faster than finding extra hair in unwanted places! I keep No Mo-Unibrow in my bathroom, my purse, and in my travel case to always keep my best quick brow fix close at hand. (Available at nomostache.com or ulta.com)

Let us know, what are some of your must have brow products?

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