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Ladies Night In: What to do, when there is nothing you HAVE to do

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Alright ladies, imagine this: Your husband took the kids to visit the inlaws; or your roommate went on a family vacation. There are no work deadlines, no baby showers or bridal showers, or any kind of shower whose focus is somebody else.  You get one of those rare nights where your home is your own. What is a girl to do?!

How about instead of making plans with others, you put all of your attention on yourself. Lets call it the stay at home club. Studies show that taking time to wind down and pamper yourself is crucial to a healthy balanced life.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/payout/2017/09/19/practicing-self-care-is-important-10-easy-habits-to-get-you-started/#5295e9fb283a

I have listed my favorite things to do on those occasional nights I get to spend alone:

  1.  To start my night right, I always hit up my favorite yoga class.  Whether it is a power sculpt flow, or a relaxing, restorative yin, it gets me in the mood to shut out the outside world, and start focusing on myself.

  1.    After a good sweat session, I take the opportunity to really take care of my skin.  It’s like a Spring cleaning for my body. I turn up my favorite girly tunes, take out  my favorite No Mo-Stache Wax Kits (I get ready to take it all off: No Mo Unibrow, No Mo-Stache, and No Mo-Bush), then start the night right getting rid of all my unwanted fuzz.  *Remember: No Mo-Stache makes at home waxing as easy as possible, but it is always important to read ALL directions prior to using any at home waxing.

  1.   Once I have the smoothest of skin, I prepare for a relaxing bath/ face mask combo.  My go-to’s here are Yogahhh Detox Bath products, a cucumber eye mask I keep cool in the fridge, and I try to find a face mask to help with whatever skin issues I may be having. After a relaxing bath, I slather my skin in my favorite body cream.
  1.   After all the waxing, and skincare I like to move on to a mani-pedi movie combo.  Did somebody say girls night movies? Having the house to myself means I get to watch WHATEVER I want, and sitting through an entire movie also means that my nails have plenty of time to fully dry.  

  1.   Finally, as nice as it is having the house to myself, I still try to get to bed early to make sure I’m getting that beauty sleep.  Nothing gives your skin that refreshed, relaxing glow like a good nights sleep.


So this is my favorite night-in ritual, we would love to hear some of yours!

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