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STRIPPED: Beverly De La Cruz

Posted by Khavory Lee on

STRIPPED: Beverly De La Cruz

STRIPPED is where we sit down with our makeup mavens and muses and let them reveal what’s underneath that smooth skin of theirs. We chat it all—skin care, self care, fears and fame. Check some highlights from our most recent interview with Beverly De la Cruz, whose eye-catching Insta style persuaded us to reach out. Hear her thoughts on what’s skin deep and beyond.

What started your journey as an Instagram Influencer?

It started off by me wanting to capture anything that catches my attention no matter where I may be. Then, I had the urge to share it on a platform like Instagram so people could not only see the places I've been, the outfits that brought me confidence and the views that bring me peace, but to give people a glimpse as to how I see the world through my eyes; or camera lens in this matter.

What is a tip you like to give others about skin care?

To never regret investing in it. It's a hit or miss, but the process takes time and money to see what works for you. There will be some things you'll regret buying but nothing beats the feeling of finally coming across a product that you feel is meant for you and something that works best for your skin.

How does No Mo-Stache play a role in your skincare routine?

No Mo-Stache allows me to boost the effects of my skincare products, especially the facial razor! It's so gentle on the skin and it's everything dermaplaning stands for - I can't go too long without it. 

How do you strive to inspire your community of followers on Instagram?

To act as a reminder that we are 'flawsome'. There will be days where it's harder to look at yourself in the mirror so give yourself grace to love yourself a little more harder and to be a little bit more kinder. Doing skincare or dressing up a certain way doesn't mean we want to pass society's standards but it's a reminder that we are our own validation, that we have a choice and that if we want to - we can.

In what ways has being a makeup artist been an emotional outlet for you?

Even the difference of just applying lipstick can make me feel like I can rule the world, it's the little things that don't take much that can really bring up our confidence.

What’s a weekly self care ritual that makes you feel grounded?

I have a busy schedule throughout the week, meaning I feel like there's never enough hours in a day to do what I want to. So, I always make sure that at least once a week I owe myself the time needed to fully pamper with all my skincare products and it gives me a sense of having control over the things that I can change.

Do you have any words you live by to keep you motivated?

"If not you, then who?"

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