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12 Days Of X-Mas

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Hailley Howard and I wanted to share some holiday thoughts with you this season. Bringing you some tips and tricks and introducing you to some of our favorite beauty brands. Sponsored by a belief in clean (and hair-free) skin. Over the next week and a half we will be rolling out a campaign for you with some step-by-steps, product go-to’s and personal beauty secrets. If you aren’t familiar with the No Mo products, we are a line of portable waxing strips to keep your skin looking fresh and hair-free. Black Friday sale going on now and so we’re excited to introduce our new product line for 2020 available for pre-order! Clean, hair-free skin helps with product absorption and seamless makeup application. For those of you with sensitive skin we have also created a facial razor as part of our new line! You can use the razor in conjunction with No Mo Stache strips or in replacement of for sensitive skin or stubborn hairs.  Thank you for following along with our holiday story and thank you to all brands who have collaborated and participated — - MORE TO COME!

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Photographed and produced by @HAILLEYHOWARD @HAILLEYHOWARD


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