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Skin Health is Wealth

Posted by Gita Vasseghi on

Eat Nourishing Foods

Eating greasy foods is fine, but it can have your skin feeling oily and grimy at times! Be sure to incorporate fruits and veggies; They're loaded with vitamin E and bone broth full of collagen will keep your skin strong and beautiful.


You hear this all the time- but it's important to start any morning routine with your favorite sunscreen, or even a foundation with SPF! Also- did you know SPF wears off after 2 hours? Make sure to reapply to keep your skin looking fly.

Cooler Showers

Sometimes, nothing feels better than a hot shower. Problem is, it dries out our skin and damage the surface! Try giving your skin a break now and then with a cold or lukewarm shower! They help preserve and strengthen the skin's natural barrier, leaving both your skin and hair feeling nourished.



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